Bruce McKinley-Bio

Bruce McKinley has been creating compelling photographic images for over forty years. He bought his first 35mm camera in 1974, just four days before embarking on a solo hitchhiking adventure from Southern California to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. New people, new landscapes, new experiences provided a rich diversity of subject matter for a young photographer. “The camera offered me a completely new way in which to view the world. I began to look a little more closely. I started to recognize the subtle, yet profound, beauty in the weed growing through the crack in the sidewalk. I began to appreciate a little more deeply the colors, patterns, and textures surrounding me each and every day.”

While his primary subject is the natural world, he is equally as passionate about photographing the urban landscape, motorsports, and rock concerts. Bruce is a backcountry skier, mountain biker, writer, and visual artist residing in Mount Shasta, California since 1981.

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