Photo Tip #6: Photographing Fall Color

Fall is a truly magical season–a time of great movement and change. Days grow shorter and shadows grow longer. Animals migrate to their wintering grounds and the Autumn displays of color offer their final farewell to the abundance of Summer. Fall is rich with photographic opportunity–and Autumn color and slant light of the season can […]

Klamath National Wildlife Refuges Offer World-Class Photo Ops

                            The Klamath National Wildlife Refuges offer some of the finest photography opportunities you will experience anywhere. Few places in the world rival the Klamath Refuges for sheer numbers of birds, and, also, for the importance of its ecosystem as a stopover […]

Photo Tip #5: Photographing Landscapes

Landscapes account for more photographs, historically, than any other genre, with the likely exception of portraiture. We are all immersed in some kind of landscape. Even the city dweller resides in an urban landscape. While this particular article focuses on the natural world, everything I present here can be applied to cityscapes, as well. Photography […]

Photo Tip #4: Composition For A Stronger Photograph

Composition is arguably the single most important aspect of good photography. If every other technical skill is expertly applied, but the photograph is carelessly composed, what might have been a memorable image becomes fodder for the delete button. Several elements combine to create a strong image, yet none of them makes or breaks a photograph […]